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Refrigeration and Freezer

Refrigeration using solar, can be very cost effective, since the need for power coincide with the mid day or max sun availability, so that the summer months coincide  with more power generation from the solar panel and the needs for more power to he compressor.

In  this day of age, there are a few good solar fridge and freezer available in the market. Steca , a German manufacture of solar products, manufacture a very good Freezer/fridge with very good power consumption and great savings in solar panel size. Another manufacturer is Sundanzer. Sundanzer is an American company and they too make a solar fridge/ Freezer. The key to reduce cost , is a new idea using high quality insulation, we can now make a battery free solar fridge. This means that the fridge only work in sun hours and keep the temperature  at night  by good insulation. The usual way is to use a DC compressor, batteries , controller and solar panels, this  is a better  and more common way to make a solar fridge. However, batteries need replacement  every 2 or 3 years, and its more expensive in initial investment and running cost. The new way of using the fridge solar direct, with no batteries have good points. Durability, feasibility are the most obvious. It all depends on the application and when the fridge or Freezer will be used most.

            Futuretec, can make  your solar application or solutions  come true, with only contacting us and telling your needs and ideas and we will make sure you get the best design for your application.  At futuretec we can build a special fridge or freezer for you, or we have ready 6cubic feet and 8cubic feet fridge or freezer in stock  ready for your order.


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