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Cooling and Air-conditioning

Air-conditioning is a must in some parts of the world. In Egypt gradually people get used to the idea, that it would be very hard to live without. The Solar Air condition will work practically anywhere, there  is no need for electric power at all, since it  works with 100% solar energy. At Futuretec we are trying to bring cost down, by making the solar Air-condition work with hybrid or multi power source.

            The 100% solar Air condition , is all DC and can be 48volts or 110volt DC. We can make any air condition work with solar by using an inverter, but this way the system become more expensive and more parts and complications that can result in failure and breakdowns. We us all DC variable speed compressors that will reduce the lock Amps and save more than 40% power; However you can still use it with 220v Ac , so this gives more freedom . The units we work with at the present time , is 18000btu split airconditioner that looks and works exactly like common ones in Egypt.

            We would be more than happy to assist you in calculating heat gain and heat loss and assist you to see if the solar Air condition is  feasible for your needs. We have 2 units available , one made in China and the other is 100% made in USA, depending on cost you can choose the unit you like and we will install the solar system needed and maintain the unit for you for years of service .


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