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Power conservation/Solar power
The Key to successful use of solar electric (PV) Is in the use of power saving appliances ,more than the solar system itself. We all need to choose our appliances wisely, since they are the key to reduce running cost in our utility grid connected homes , or in the initial investment of a Solar system, and help in the reduction of CO2 emissions . Appliance come in all kinds and shapes, and we must choose, not only by different options, shape and color of the device or appliance we need , but rather on the energy efficiency of the appliance and its service life. We at FutureTec not only help by design of the solar system and maintaining it , we also choose the best appliances for you. We work hard to give our clients the service they need, by testing all the products we sell and test appliances independently, to see if they match the manufacture label and power consumptions. We work hard to give our clients the best service anyone can give in the middle east or worldwide!

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